Japanese culture, which has long been cherished by the Japanese people, is characterized by a deep reverence for nature and the changing of the seasons. By actually experiencing wearing a kimono and enjoying matcha tea ceremony, you can immerse yourself in the spirit of Japanese hospitality and Japanese sense of beauty. How about experiencing authentic Japanese culture and aesthetics together with me from the comfort and enjoyment of your own home?


Experience Authentic Japan at Home! A MATCHA Master will visit your home
where you can enjoy a taste of Japanese culture with
MATCHA Master together with family and friends.

Service Details


MATCHA experience

My MATCHA experience is a special and also included mental medeication. I will teach you how to make and drink matcha,
After eating traditional japanese sweets, you can try whisking your very own cup of MATCHA.

Try wearing a traditional japanese kimono(for those who want to wear one)

Origami experience(crane and balloons)

With souvenirs

Complete MATCAH set (MATCAHA, bamboo tea scoop,teawhisk) and japanese sweets,japanese hand fan,Japanese culture set ets

Example Service Fee

Tea Plan

Party Plan


Experience Japan’s unique blend of tradition and medernity at home!


Privete Japenese Culture Experience in Tokyo with a MATCHA Master

Service Details

Coodination and proposal of recommended plans in Tokyo and personalized tour guiding on the day.

Example service Plans

Japanese culture experience(wearing a kimono,makinhg and drinking matcha, making Japanese sweets,ets)+sightseeing in Asakusa.
Walking food tour in Tsukiji (try sushi ramen takoyaki and other popular foods)Shopping in Ginza

Example Service Fee

Transportation fee and experience fee inclueded,

I will customize it for you.

Receive10%off when booking Plan.01 + Plan.02 together.

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I can also receive messages through Instagram DM.


The details of the Matcha experience
is posted instagram.

Matcha Master


I’m a Matcha Master and professional sommelier. I have 20-years experience teaching japanese culture and wine in hospitality industry. So now I offer a unique experience and traditional japanese culture in your home and also japan. I’m sure you will enjoy amazing and unique experience.